LANZAROTE HIGHLIGHT: Iconic Creations and Legacy of Cesar Manrique

Found off the West African coast, Lanzarote is a popular destination among the Canary Islands. With resorts that surround its coastline, unique volcanic formations and the famous Timanfaya National Park, it's no wonder visitors pick this island over other European destinations. But what sets this island apart is its rich history which they have successfully preserved until today. One of the names you will hear when talking about Lanzarote's heritage is Cesar Manrique.


Best Whale and Dolphin Watching Tenerife Spots

Dolphins are some of the most adorable sea creatures. Not only are they cute, but they're also super smart. Whales are big special creatures of their own and we've seen proof of that in parks where they have dolphins and whales trained for shows. But wouldn't it be nice to see these creatures in their natural habitats? One of the things Tenerife takes pride in is its beautiful sea and hundreds of marine species. Which is why if you wanted to spot dolphins or whales, Tenerife is the perfect place to be in.


How to Experience the Submarine Tenerife and Submarine Lanzarote

We've all wanted to see life underwater. Whether it be snorkelling, scuba diving, or even getting on a submarine, it's always exciting to see what it's like down there. Submarines are usually built for military operations so it's quite unlikely for people to see one, let alone be in one. But the good news is you can finally say you've been on a yellow submarine Tenerife or even Lanzarote. If you're planning on visiting the Canary Islands, make sure you get on a Lanzarote submarine or a Tenerife submarine because chances are, you're not gonna get this opportunity elsewhere.


Lanzarote Boat Trips to Watch Out For

Summer is just around the corner and Europe's Canary Islands are waiting for you. Excited to soak up some sun and get that tan on? Lanzarote is the best place to be! Right off Wests Africa's coast, the island offers beautiful beaches, one of a kind volcanic landscape and warm weather all year round.

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