Hippie markets Ibiza

One of the best things to do in Ibiza is a little shopping and thankfully, you will find plenty of options when you are ready to purchase some gifts and other items to take back home with you. The Ibiza Hippy markets are ideal for all your Ibiza souvenir shopping.

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  • Wed
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    - Ibiza Hippy Market (Las Dalias) -
  • Sat
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Hippie markets Ibiza

One of the best things to do in Ibiza is a little shopping and thankfully, you will find plenty of options when you are ready to purchase some gifts and other items to take back home with you. The Ibiza Hippy markets are ideal for all your Ibiza souvenir shopping.

The Ibiza Hippy Market is one of the best places to do a little shopping on the island and the best part is there is more than one to choose from! Therefore, you never need to venture too far to get your Ibiza shopping list completed.

Ibiza Hippy Markets Punta Arabi

Punta Arabi is considered one of the best hippie markets in Ibiza, so do not be surprised to see crowds of people there when it is open. This Ibiza market is open on Wednesdays and it is the market that the Ibiza hippies began with many years ago. Many of the stalls of this hippie market Ibiza are tucked away in between the buildings on the streets, so do not walk too fast down all the pathways or you may miss something incredible. This Ibiza hippy market contains items from all over the world and many of them have been crafted by hand, so you will have your work cut out for you when it comes to choosing what you want.

Ibiza shopping

If you are travelling with kids, you may want to stop in the kids' area at this hippie market Ibiza, because every child can make their own souvenir there. And, if you get hungry, you will have plenty of options within the nearby restaurants and bars.

Hippy Market Ibiza Las Dalias

This hippie market Ibiza is considered the second-best of them all and you can shop there on Saturdays all year long. Certain months of the year also have this Ibiza hippy market open on Monday and Tuesday evenings, as well as Sundays.

You will find this Ibiza market near the Las Dalias Cafe, which is close to San Carlos Village. Live music will play in the background, as you peruse the locally made clothes, jewellery, paintings, and even leather.

Before you leave this hippie market Ibiza, you may want to grab a cup of tea from the Moroccan tea tent or watch the mimes perform their acts.

Hippy Market San Juan

On Sundays, the atmosphere within the village of San Juan changes as hundreds of shoppers arrive to visit the Ibiza hippy market there. While clothes and souvenirs are quite popular, it is the traditional foods that sell the most. Of course, you will also want to check out the paintings and sculptures, which are all made by local artisans.

Ibiza hippies San Miguel Artisan Market

Thankfully, there is an Ibiza hippy market almost every day of the week, so you will not miss out on them due to your travel schedule. This hippie market Ibiza is held on Thursday evenings during the summer months and you will find it near the church up on the hill.

There are not too many stalls at this Ibiza market, but they are filled with items you will not usually find at the other markets. Therefore, this is an excellent option if you are looking for a unique souvenir or just want to grab a bite to eat from a vendor who sells homemade traditional cuisine.

Mercadillo Sant Jordi - Car Boot Market

This Ibiza hippy market has something for everyone, so it is definitely worthy of a stop on a Saturday. Many second-hand items fill the stalls and some of it will leave you perplexed, because you may see items that include a lonely right shoe.

There are no worries if you do not find anything right away, because you will find yourself entertained by the locals until the bongo players arrive in the early afternoon. If nothing else, you can grab a drink at a local bar and simply relax as you plan the rest of your Ibiza shopping adventures.

Ecological Food and Craft Market San Jose

Traditions are popular in Ibiza, which is why you will see them everywhere at this Ibiza hippy market. There are not many stalls at this hippie market Ibiza, but they are all filled with eco-friendly items and handicrafts. You will find organic foods and homemade pastries amongst all the ceramics, paintings, and sculptures.

The best part about this Ibiza hippy market though is the workshops that are offered every Saturday the market is open. Some workshops will have you learning how to bake bread, while others will teach you how to compost or grow your own herbs.

When you decide that you want to visit an Ibiza hippy market, these are the ones you will want to choose from. On the day you want to do a little Ibiza shopping, all you need to do is determine which hippie market Ibiza is open and you can satisfy all your purchasing needs. Plus, you can feel like one of the Ibiza hippies who have been shopping like this for many years on the island!

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€34.00 Adult
€17.00 Child
Reserve now for
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