Excursions in Lanzarote

Here in Lanzarote, we have some of the best excursions in the Canary Islands, there really is a Lanzarote excursion for everyone, whether it be sightseeing, Lanzarote boat trips or more active Lanzarote excursions like buggies and scuba diving.

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Things to do in Lanzarote

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Excursions in Lanzarote

Here in Lanzarote, we have some of the best excursions in the Canary Islands, there really is a Lanzarote excursion for everyone, whether it be sightseeing, Lanzarote boat trips or more active Lanzarote excursions like buggies and scuba diving.

Here at TravelON World we have found the best Lanzarote excursions at the best prices to assure you get the most out of your holiday. These days and nights out have been put together to make your holiday one to remember and to get those all-important snaps for Instagram and Facebook so your followers can see just how much of great holiday you are having. Sure pool and beach shots are good, but photos of you on a live volcano or on a camel are so much better. 

Timanfaya National Park

One of the most popular Lanzarote attractions is the Timanfaya National Park. This is the live volcano and luna route created when the Lanzarote volcano erupted many years ago. It has created one of the most picturesque and exciting places to see on earth. With many ways to see Timanafay Lanzarote, we have a full selection on or Timanfaya National Park Page which has both short tours and full days exploring the island.

Lanzarote boat trips

Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean Lanzarote has many boat trips for you, whether it be a chill-out luxury catamaran cruise or a family fun day of adventure. Most of the Lanzarote boat trips go to the famous Papagayo beaches and bay which is just such a special place. One of the most popular and the most luxurious catamarans in the I Love Graciosa catamaran which not only takes you to another island of La Graciosa but takes you on an all-inclusive luxury Lanzarote catamaran cruise.

Lanzarote tours

We have ways for you to see the island with a fully English speaking guide where you can sit back and relax and take in all the great views. Hiring a car is great but you miss so much, so a tour allows you to take in the best bits and find out about the island. With full days and half day island tours and tours in the North of Lanzarote and the South, the Lanzarote Tours section of the site has everything you need in one place.

Lanzarote Attractions

Waterparks in Lanzarote, animal parks in Lanzarote and many other Lanzarote attractions to see here at TravelON World we help you get there with direct official tickets and also pickups from your accommodation to the various Lanzarote attractions on the island.

Lanzarote Activities

If the beach, pool and sun get a little bit too much for you and you fancy feeling the adrenaline and getting pumped then the many Lanzarote activities will not disappoint. With Lanzarote buggies, Ego Twizzy cars, Jet skis in Lanzarote and snorkelling and scuba diving why not get off the sunbed and do something different and unique.

Lanzarote Ferry services

Ferry services are available to see both Fuerteventura and La Graciosa, with daily crossing we can book you official direct tickets which save you time at the kiosk or we can offer Lanzarote ferry with transport and pick you up from resort giving you both a ferry and a full day on the islands.

With so many Lanzarote excursions TravelON World are proud to bring you the best, book online today, safely and securely and to assure your space on all of these Lanzarote excursions. Spaces are limited so advance booking is advised.

Frequently asked questions about Lanzarote tours and the Lanzarote volcanoes

Are the volcanoes 'live'?

Yes! There is a live, but not active, Volcano in Lanzarote and it's in Timanfaya National Park. When you take a Timanfaya National Park tour you get to see the geyser demonstrations that will show you the intense heat just meters below the surface. The El Diablo restaurant at the Timanfaya National Park even cooks food on a specially made grill over the Lanzarote volcano which is a very unique thing to see.

Are the Lanzarote tours safe?

Absolutely. Your safety is our most important concern on all of our Lanzarote Tours and Excursions and they have been adapted to keep you safe with regulations, sanitation and social distancing in place were required.

Can I just go to Timanfaya National Park and other attractions?

Yes, you can. You should be aware that at times there are long queues to get into some of the attractions. Queues that you can skip if you're on an organised Lanzarote Excursion. Booking a Lanzarote tour to see the Lanzarote Volcanoes especially is highly recommended. Not only will you get a guide in your language, but you will also be sat in comfort on a fully air-conditioned coach and be able to 'skip the queues'.

Is there a pick up at my hotel or accommodation for Lanzarote tours?

All our pickups are at or close to the main accommodation areas in Lanzarote resorts. So rest assured there will be one close to you.

Which Lanzarote tours are best? The North or the South?

The North and South Tours of Lanzarote show very different sides to the island, so the best and honest answer would be to do both. Top of the list for anyone visiting Lanzarote would be the Timanfaya National Park, so if you haven't seen that then book a South tour. But the North has it's own attractions that you really don't want to miss out on, such as Los Jameos Del Agua, the Green Caves and Mirador Del Rio.

Are the tours suitable for children?

We know it can be difficult to keep children entertained for a long period of time, so if you fear they might get restless on a long excursion we recommend booking a half day trip instead of the full day. You will still be able to experience some amazing attractions and experiences on a half day excursion.

How many people are on the Lanzarote tours?

Your tour will be by bus, and more often than not will be fully booked. There will be many stop off points and a guide will be available who speaks your language. At most of the locations you are free to explore individually, or in your own little groups. If you prefer, get in touch to discuss and arrange a more private, bespoke Lanzarote tour.

Are there toilets on the bus?

Unfortunately there are no toilets on the bus, however the excursions make frequent stops where toilets will be available for you to use.