Mount Teide Tenerife Cable Car

There are no better views available than that from the Tenerife cable car and this tour includes the best of Mount Teide with a cable car ride included. By far the best way to see Mount Teide and ride the Tenerife Teide cable car organised for you with flexibility to pay on the day and skip the line.

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  • See sights from above the clouds
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IMPORTANT: If the cable car is not running due to weather you will be refunded the cost of the cable car.

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Mount Teide Tenerife Cable Car

There are no better views available than that from the Tenerife cable car and this tour includes the best of Mount Teide with a cable car ride included. By far the best way to see Mount Teide and ride the Tenerife Teide cable car organised for you with flexibility to pay on the day and skip the line.

Perhaps there's nothing more relaxing and fun than observing incredible views of the blue and white skies, striking rock formations, dramatic cliffs, and the spectacular volcanos in Tenerife. When you are high enough to be above the clouds the sight you see is incredible, but when you go even higher suspended in the Tenerife cable car then you will be amazed.

What is included in the Tenerife cable car and Mount Teide tour?

As you take a tour of Mount Teide with a professional guide and climb above the clouds your mind will wander if the views you are seeing are real and in fact could they get any better. The sights and sounds in Mount Teide are just jaw-dropping you will be blown away but when you think things couldn't get any better you reach the Tenerife cable car and then things just get unreal.

While there are various ways to witness the beauty of Mount Teide and explore its surroundings, one of the extraordinary and unforgettable trips you can enjoy during your Tenerife holiday is a cable car ride up the famous volcano. Through our Teide cable car Tenerife package, you can get closer to nature and witness one of the exceptional vistas you can enjoy in this lifetime.

Tenerife cable car tour Tenerife

If you love anything about nature and the sky, you must not miss the Tenerife Cable Car tours we offer. Aboard the Tenerife cable car, we take you to the top of Mount Teide so you'll enjoy an unforgettable experience.

This is perfect for those who've been wishing to get closer to the summit of the popular Tenerife attraction but don't want the hassle of actually doing it by foot.

Once you're in the cable car, you'll enjoy awesome views sprawled below you. Our package is one of the best ways to bask in the beauty of Mount Teide as you can closely observe its unique volcanic terrain and landscape while enjoying the thrill of the ride up high in the sky.

Teide Tour before the Tenerife cable car

This remarkable Teide tour will take you to see the best of Mount Teide a must-see in Tenerife, experience a journey through the mountain roads as you climb higher and higher above the clouds. This allows you to see the best views of the largest National Park in the Canary Islands. Your tour guide will speak your language and will tell you everything you need to know about the history of Mount Teide and also about the typical Canarian villages you will pass through. Then it's a fast track ticket to paradise as you head to the Teide Tenerife cable car.

Stop 1: Pass by Las Canadas

As you climb Mount Teide you will pass by Las Canadas along the winding roads with amazing views. See all the pine forests and breathtaking scenery as you go higher and higher above the clouds and the views and scenery just gets better and better.

Stop 2: Tenerife sightseeing and lunar landscapes

As we get closer to our destination, you will be able to see the lunar landscapes of Tenerife. These are huge lava flows and rock formations that were created by the volcanic eruptions and have resulted in a unique and otherworldly landscape. Its distinct appearance makes it an ideal location for filming and many famous films have been shot in and around Mount Teide.

Stop 3: El Teide National Park and Mount Teide

The biggest and most popular natural attraction in Tenerife is El Teide National Park. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is the home of Mount Teide, Tenerife's natural wonder. In most places you go you will see Mount Teide towering over the island. 

On this half-day Mount Teide tour, you will reach heights of 2400 meters. Once you reach the Mount Teide cable car facility and take the cable car higher you will almost be at the highest point. Although the volcano is still active, its last eruption was back in 1909.

Stop 4: Tenerife Cable car ride to the highest point

Once you have experienced Mount Teide in Tenerife and all its glory and taking some of the best sights you have ever seen the day gets even better as you head further up the mountain, further above the clouds to the famous Tenerife cable car to honestly get the ride of your life with views that will blow you away. There won't be a long line of people as the Tenerife cable car has been booked for this tour so you will have a stress-free experience and get the absolute most out of your day tour of Mount Teide in Tenerife. (Please note the cable car you pay on the day the guide will arrange this).

Tenerife cable car to finish the day

Mount Teide is famous for its Tenerife cable car ride where you get what can only be described as the most breathtaking views ever, as we arrive at Pico del Teide where you will find your Tenerife cable car and start your adventure. Sit back and relax and take in the spectacular landscape of Teide national park. From the upper station, there are even more views, there is the Mirador de la Rambla, Siete Cañadas, and the Ucanca Valley, or some walking routes you can take with stunning views of the north or south of Tenerife.

The great thing about the Teide tour with Tenerife cable car is your cable car is pre-booked, so you won't have to wait in long lines of people who made their own way hoping for a space on the limited availability that the Tenerife cable car has.

Relax and recharge at the base of Mount Teide Tenerife

At the base station of the cable car, you'll find a buffet restaurant with Mount Teide Tenerife views. Other facilities you can find in the area during the Tenerife Cable Car tours are public toilets and a souvenir shop. There you can buy and take home something that will remind you of your incredible experience.

We recommend that you try this fun and memorable Tenerife trip during spring so you can enjoy the spectacular sight of the flowers in full bloom and in a beautiful explosion of red and white! However, the winter season offers quite a stunning sight too as the lava flows and badlands are covered in a blanket of snow.

Make your Tenerife holiday extra memorable with this one-of-a-kind experience has to offer! Bask in the beauty of nature up to a mountain by booking your Teide Tenerife cable car tour and tickets with us today!

What is the best way to ride the Tenerife cable car?
By doing a Tenerife cable car tour you take away any stress of difficult driving and waiting in long lines of people for the Tenerife cable car ride. Plus there is limited spaces so getting a ticket can be difficult.
How high does the Tenerife cable car go?
The Tenerife cable car will take you 3555 meters altitude and the sights you will see are just incredible.
Can you drive to the Tenerife cable car?
You can drive to the Tenerife cable car but be aware that its not an easy drive up Mount Teide. We recommended taking a guided tour with a professional guide and driver.
Is it cold on the Tenerife Cable car?
After sunset it can get cold on the Tenerife cable car but during the day if the weather is good then the temperature is very good also.
Do you pick up from my accommodation for the Tenerife cable car tour?
There are pick ups at or near you accommodation please refer to the pick up information to confirm if there is one in your area.
How many people fit on the Tenerife cable car?
The Tenerife cable car holds 44 people.
How long is the journey on the Tenerife cable car?
The Tenerife cable car takes 8 minutes to reach the top of Mount Teide.
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