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Get your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets today and spend a day at the Tenerife zoo. With pick up from resorts, these official tickets will save you time at the gate.

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Tenerife Zoo

Get your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets today and spend a day at the Tenerife zoo. With pick up from resorts, these official tickets will save you time at the gate.

Jungle Park Tenerife Tickets

At Tenerife, you don't need to visit an actual jungle just to discover and observe various creatures. Las Aquilas Jungle Park brings you closer to over 500 animals and the beauty of nature which wonderfully showcases Tenerife's incredible system of flora and fauna. Home to abundant species of flora and fauna, Jungle Park Tenerife gives you a peek into wonderful creatures that will undoubtedly amaze you. Here, deep secrets lie about your beloved animals and plants which you can easily discover when you explore beyond the thick lush of forests.

If you're looking to explore and discover the beauty of the wilderness, join our Jungle Park Tenerife tour and enjoy an unforgettable and educational journey. Meet different animals and learn about amazing creatures at reasonable Jungle Park Tenerife prices!

Jungle Park Tenerife Free Bus

Our Las Aguilas Jungle Park tour offers you a hassle-free experience of exploring one of Tenerife's popular attractions with your whole family. The excursion takes you to a full day filled with fun surprises and amazing discoveries, as well as perks and services such as a Jungle Park Tenerife free bus pickup and drop-off.

Measuring 75,000 square meters, Jungle Park offers a wealth of incredible experiences as you encounter different animals. These are just some of the remarkable creatures you'll see in the park:

Tenerife zoo Primates

Jungle Park features different primate species which you won't ordinarily see in other zoos or tourist attractions. Among these primates are the Orang-utans which originate from the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra. In the park, their enclosures resemble their original habitat to make them as comfortable as can be.

There are also the gibbons, which will undoubtedly catch your attention as they go about flailing their long arms as they hop around and climb trees in the park. You'll find them at the bottom of a waterfall.

Enjoy a peek into Madagascar when you see the park's lemurs. These creatures are a remarkable sight with their black and white fur and piercing gaze. Other noteworthy primates are the capuchin monkey, and titi monkey.

Tenerife zoo Big Cats 

Of course, you'll find the usual big cats of the jungle here too such as the king of the jungle, which are the lions. There are also leopards and jaguars in the park.

Birds of Jungle park

You'll also see wonderful sky creatures at Jungle Park. Various bird species abound here, which include eagles, falcons, flamingos, storks, parrots, and so much more!

Jungle park Penguins

For a unique experience, don't miss the park's penguins. The Humboldt penguins are fed every 12:45 pm, which is a fun moment you should definitely catch. Watch the cute creatures eat and interact with the park's caretakers.

Animal Shows at jungle Park Tenerife

The fun in the park doesn't stop in observing the animals. To learn more about the creatures and make the most out of your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets, don't miss the animal shows. Catch the exciting Bird of Prey Show, which features the huge birds flying at high speed. You'll see them hop and play about, and they'll even fly over your heads!

There's also the Exotic Bird Show, which showcases the wit of parrots, macaws, hornbills, and more. Watch them perform tricks, fly, or interact with people.

Besides the birds, sea lions also steal the show with their performances. Watch them jump through hoops and display their incredible skills.

Other Attractions

Once you've had enough observing animals, explore the beauty of the jungle by riding Bob. The high-speed jungle-crossing vehicle allows you to drive over 800 meters.

Enjoy competitive Jungle Park Tenerife prices when you book a Jungle Park Tenerife tour with us! Inquire with us today!

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